Mondolsemaram School Picture Progress

in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia


Two fans for each of the five classrooms were purchased and installed on August 16th, 2010. The fans and installation costs were donated by Mr Mark Elliott.  Gabby Malone kindly sponsored the school's first classroompackage on 19th of November-much to the delight of the  teachers, director and of course, the students.

The T.V and the DVD player were donated by Mr Mark Elliott. The machines will be put in the library and can  easily be moved to the classrooms to aid the teachers.
 On the 21st of January, four more classrooms packages
were received by the school from Gabby Malone and John Ianson. Mark Elliott donated what was lacking from the
classroom non-expendable list as well.

The classrooms look and feel so much different since the school received the classroom donations. The teachers and students have been able to put some colour and life into their working environments.
 Even the outside of the classrooms are looking better. Students and teachers have made coconut vases and put little plants in them. These little touches and more interest in developing the school by the teachers and students show that our input is really creating a difference.

This computer package was donated by Mr Chok Chai from                   The director uses his recently donated notebook     
Thailand. It has been put in the directors office and is                          sponsored by Mr Campbell-Elliott.
available for students to use.


Mr Mark Elliott donates his newly constructed
classroom on August 1st, 2010.
 Electricity was installed at the school so the students are able to learn in a light and cool environment due to the power supply which runs the newly acquired fans.

These signs that are Cambodian proverbs were donated by a group of Australians; Mr Garry Gibbo, Mr Rod Pine and mr Peter Summers during the month of February, 2011.
  Two outdoor seats like the one above were built in March, 2011. Soil and flowers will be put in around the tree and the children will have a nice place to sit outside when they are at school. The money was donated by Mr Greg Graham and Mr String, who are both from Australia.

Four picture boards were donated in March by Australians, Mr Bill Ella and Mr Ken Burrell. This particular board was used to show the art work for an art competition we organized. These children are the winners of the competition and received prizes for their efforts.
 Peter Moffatt came back to Cambodia in early June, 2011 and was able to install the water tank and rain catcher for the school. Donations were provided by Mr Ken Hall and Peter Moffatt. Peter Moffatt inconjunction with his business, Moffy's Motors Workshop in New South Wales, Australia and friends have donated a lot of the infrastructure materials. The children are always happy to see Peter when he comes over to help with the projects.


Although the playground has just been finished and hasn't been properly installed into the safety sand boxes yet, it would have been an impossibility to stop the children from playing on it! They were so excited and many students  had never played on equipment like this before. They found it hard to believe that they could play on it every day and it was in their school. It was an overwhelming day for the sponsors, John Ianson and his family. We were just amazed at how much happiness this playground really created. You can't see it in this picture but there were actually queues for the slide and swings! I had never thought that a playground could create this kind of feeling for the children and the whole community. John Ianson and his family from Australia donated the playground package on December 6th, 2010. Unfortunately, only John and I were lucky enough to see the kids in action for John's family is still in Australia.


The girls really enjoy their new skipping ropes and other sporting equipment sponsored by Mr Mark Elliott during the month of November. They were literally jumping for joy.  The hoola hoops were a big hit too!

The boys especially love playing with the six footballs
in the sports package.
Of course, the boys loved the new football equipment.

The complete sports package was a great success and one in which all the students were truely excited about.


Peter Moffatt and John Ianson provide 15 scholarships for children from grades 1 to 6 during the month of October, 2010.  Translator Gosal interpretes to student Horm Srei and her familyas Peter Moffatt gives another child an opportunity to go to Mondolsemaram School


  Mr Mark Elliott donates $20 to each of the teachers in March, 2011. The teachers were delighted receiving what equates to around two weeks of their normal salary.


Victor Cerezo came down to Koh Kong in November to donate three bikes to students. This bike is the only means of transport for the entire family, therefore it was a great day for them and they were very appreciative and happy as you can see by mum's smile!  Roueng Nary sits on her new bike, kindly donated by Ryan Cull from New Zealand. Now Roueng doesn't have to walk forty five minutes to school from her family's house.

This little girl and her family live around 50 minutes walk from
the school. Therefore, her new orange bike is a welcome relief
from the hot walks to school in the sun. Thanks, Mr Vic.
 This little girl lives with her grandmother and her mother in the house behind. Her mother is sick with a uterus infection and her grandmother isn't very strong anymore due to her old age. We hope this bike sponsored by Mr Vic can give her make life easier and bring back a little bit of happiness.

This family lives in the same village as the photo above. The village is located approximately 50 minutes from the school but seems so much further in the hot sun. There's no doubt that this bike will make a big difference to this little girl's day. Thanks again, Mr Vic.
  Yet another donated bike by Mr Vic. Mr Vic told me that he loves to give bikes to kids as he still remembers his first bike and the joy that it gave him and he is now 70 years old.