There are many factors which inhibit children from attending  school. The majority of which involve the parent's demands that the children, especially girls, do not need an education or they are needed to stay at home and take care of siblings and/or do work on the farm or around the house. There are also many families that would love to give their children the opportunity to attend school but due to the lack of money to purchase the materials needed, they are unable to do so.

Koh Kong Kids works together with these  famililes in the community and offers those families who are serious about their child's education and future, an opportunity to send their child/children to school. We have created a student scholarship programme that incorporates all of the materials required for a year at school. This small amount of money will get a child to school.


How to help

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see how you can send
a child to school.

Materials provided
in the scholarship:
Colour pencils 
Foot wear
Pencil case
Pencil sharpeners
School bag