When teachers undertake the decision to go into the career of education, their reasons for doing so do not involve goals such as high salaries and other financial benefits. Their reasons are due to the help and encouragement they can provide for the children of their country so they many have the opportunity for a better life.

However good the Cambodian teachers intentions maybe, the lack of educational resources, training and inadequate salary amongst other factors make it very difficult for the teachers to be successful. A lot of teachers even spend their own salary on providing resources for their classrooms and students. This is a huge financial burden for most of the teachers due to their average salary which is a mere $45 per month. Accordingly, we have created a programme that gives you the opportunity to increase the teacher's salary.

When you make a donation to a school's 'Teacher Training Programme', all of the money donated will be evenly distributed amongst the teachers and directors. In Cambodia  a small donation can make a big difference to a pitiful salary. Furthermore, teacher training workshops will be provided to teach new techniques and reinforce the difficult decision to continue to be educators in Cambodia. 


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