Transport is an essential part of student life for Cambodian children and most of them use bikes as a means to get to and from school. However, some families cannot afford to give their children bikes so they must walk everywhere in temperatures that usually average in the high 30s. Moreover, many student’s bikes are in desperate need of repair of replacement. We would love to see all students have a fast and safe form of transport.

Students with excellent attendance and academic success, who are in need of transportation, will be the first to be rewarded for their hard efforts by receiving a new bike. Moreover, students that have successfully graduated from primary school and will be attending secondary school will also be eligible.
This is an incentive for students to further their education as the enrolment rate for secondary school is very low. Furthermore, all family members will benefit from receiving a bike, as Cambodian children
are very sharing. In one family that received a bike from us, the mother of the student
was even happier than her daughter because she said, "Now I can ride down to the market and I don't have to walk in the heat".


How to help

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